Advocare is the Absolute Gold Standard in nutritional and supplemental products.  Advocare delivers effective products that do what they say they will.  Nothing is more important, or more powerful, for those enjoying Advocare's benefits.   

Advocare provides four indispensable attributes that can positively impact your life and the lives of those you love. 

Advocare Delivers: 

  • Real Result To Real People
  • Hard Science to Validate those Results
  • High Profile Celebrity Endorsements Supporting Business Growth
  • Dave Zenker, an Advocare Independent Representative Dedicated to Your Success

Advocare Products produce positive results for consumers.  Product effectiveness and efficacy drives Advocare and the people representing it.  The quality of Advocare products and the resulting benefits to consumers are indispensable to our success.  It is the sole reason that Advocare exists and it is the basis for 100% of our activity.  It's what has propelled Advocare forward for more than 20 years.   

See how Advocare is benefitting people just like you:

Advocare products were created with one goal in mind, to be the very best in their class.  To accomplish this, Advocare enlists some of the best scientific minds in the industry to conceive, create, sustain and continually improve their product line.  This on-going effort helps assure that Advocare's products, and the great results they provide, persist far into the future.

Learn about Advocare Science:

The ongoing scientific research backing Advocare's products, and the positive results achieved by consumers for more than 20 years, has permitted Advocare to attract and retain high profile celebrity endorsements.  These sports professionals attest to the endurance, energy and vitality provided by Advocare products.  These world-class athletes lend their credibility to Advocare, and, by extension, to Advocare Independent Representatives.  For Advocare Business Developers, they're an indispensable asset.

Learn Who Endorses Advocare:

A bit about myself.  My name is Dave Zenker.  I'm a Texas CPA.  I've been in network marketing a very long time.  I know it works.  I know how it works.  I know how to build organizations.  I'm willing and able to work with you.  I invite you to experience the benefits of Advocare products.  If you like, I will help you build a business permitting you and those you love to achieve whatever it is that's important to you. 

Please visit my Advocare site.  There you can examine the products, send me a message or get started immediately.  You're in the right place at the right time.  I look forward to working with you.

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